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Thank you for your terrific work so far. I really feel you have engaged with the ms and that it is much improved by your involvement (John Dale, author).

You're our number one choice as perfect editor for this one, so it would be wonderful if you were up for it. (Simone Ford, PanMacmillan)

Thanks for all your fab work, Jo. I have only the highest praise for you. (Nikki Christer, Publisher, PanMacmillan)

Many thanbks for a splendid edit - searching but sympathetic. (Peter Corris, author)

I just wanted to thank you for all the brilliant guidance you gave Brett...He mentioned so many times how supported he felt by you and how much he learned from you. (Jo Butler, Random House)

I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the work you have done on my book. (Liz Byrski, author)

Cath was delighted and wanted me to pass on her thanks - she took virtually all your recommendations on board and was very grateful (Brianne Tunnicliffe, Pan Macmillan)

Thanks heaps for the wonderful job you've done on this manuscript. (Andrea McNamara, Allen & Unwin)

I appreciate the work you put into the book. Your editorial guidance was as wise as it was rewarding and I now know why Alex waited for you to become available to work on the book - it's because you're such a damn good editor. (Philip Hui)

I just want to thank you for all your wonderful comments and suggestions. I really feel so lucky to be working with people with so much insight, clarity and passion. (Kate Forsyth, author)

Jo, I only got the manuscript back today, and I've just been out to dinner and am feeling no pain as I continue to read your delightful input...I have to say how much I'm enjoying our work. (Tony Barber, author) 

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